Judy's Garden Calendar August


There are stirrings in the garden because word has spread that spring is just around the corner.

For a complete guide to August gardening, refer to the articles below:


August gardening

A summary of garden tasks to be carried out in August.

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Magnificent magnolias

August is the height of magnolia season. While many of the deciduous varieties start blooming in July, magnolias reach their peak in August.

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Growing edibles in small spaces

Even if you don’t have a garden, it’s not at all difficult to produce some of your own food at home.

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Start your tomatoes early

It's best to get your tomatoe seeds into the soil to start their germination process. We recommend a warm window sill is a good place to start your tomatoes.

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Seed of the month - Spring Onion

Spring onions are such versatile plants. They’re much easier to grow than bulb-forming onions and they can be happy in either a pot or agarden bed.

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