Judy's Garden Calendar December


December is a lush and luxuriant month in the garden with bright colours, heady fragrances and abundant growth.

The garden is often at its best in the evening, the perfect time of day for summer entertaining.


December Gardening

December’s a busy month, with Christmas, holidays and major spurts of plant growth all occurring at the same time. Fortunately, a summer evening is a particularly pleasant time of day to catch up with some garden tasks.

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Summer Gardening

Summer can be the most difficult season in the garden but, with its abundance of colour and lots of growth, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

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Summer Rose Care

Summer, when the warmth of the sun encourages waves of blooms, is the peak of rose season. But summer can also be a challenging time of year for roses. Don’t neglect them at this time, because a little extra care will pay handsome dividends.

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Purple & Red Add Dashing Colour to the Summer Garden

Once we were almost totally reliant on flowers to give us colour in the garden, but there are now plenty of foliage plants that add contrasting splashes

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Yates Product of the Month - Yates Success Ultra Insect Control

Yates Product of the Month for December 2014 is the new Success Ultra.

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Yates Flavour of the Month - Basil Minette

Yates Seed of the Month for December 2014 is Basil Minette

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