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Summer is here! As the weather really starts to heat up and Christmas and holiday preparations keep us busy, there are a few quick and easy things we can do to help keep our gardens healthy and looking great. And don’t forget to sit back when it’s all done and admire and enjoy your garden. Really do take some time to smell the roses! Happy gardening everyone.

Whats On?

For a complete guide for all your December gardening needs, please refer to the articles below:


Feeding Your Hungry Fruit Trees

Feeding Your Hungry Fruit Trees during the Summer months.

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Dazzling Summer Colour

As the weather starts to warm up, mulch around trees and shrubs like azaleas and camellias to help keep the soil moist and the roots cooler.

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Make Plans For Your Vegies & Herbs

A little bit of planning and regular seed sowing can keep you and your family (and maybe the neighbours as well!) in fresh vegies & herbs for months.

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Holiday Gardens

If you are leaving your garden during summer here’s a few tips to help your garden survive the heat and irregular watering

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Yates Seed of the Month - Yates® Basil Gourmet Mix

Yates® Seed of the Month for December 2015 is Yates® Basil Gourmet Mix.

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