Angie's Garden Calendar February


We might be heading into the final month of summer, but February can still be scorching.

Grabbing a few minutes in the garden early in the morning or evening is much more pleasant and it’s a wonderful way to start or finish the day.

Happy gardening everyone!

Whats On?

For a complete guide to February gardening, refer to the articles below:


Food Tastes Better When You Grow It Yourself!

Follow my tips on bringing your garden to your plate.

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Protecting Your Fruit Trees

Here are some tips on how to look after your precious fruit trees during a long, hot summer.

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It's All About Flowers!

Flowers add beautiful vibrance and colour to any garden. Click here to learn how to look after them to keep them flowering for longer.

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Revitalise Your Lawn

Towards the end of summer, lawns can start to look very dry, pale and tired. Find out more on how to revitalise your lawn.

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Product of the Month - Mavrik Gun Insect and Mite Spray

The product of the month for February 2016 is Yates Mavrik Gun Insect and Mite Spray.

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Yates Flavour Of The Month - Cauliflower Phenomenal Early

Yates Flavour Of The Month for February 2016 is Yates Cauliflower Phenomenal Early.

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