Angie's Garden Calendar March


March means bright skies, warm days and, as the month progresses, that hint of autumn in the evening air that makes the weather ideal for gardening.

For a complete guide to March gardening, refer to the articles below:


March Gardening

Autumn is a great season for planting and transplanting almost anything. There’s still enough warmth for plant growth, but the worst of summer’s heat is nearly spent – making March an ideal time for gardeners.

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Plan your Autumn Vegie Garden

Autumn is a great season to grow many vegies. There’s plenty which can go in now. Check out our vegie planting guide for your area at

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Tips to create your charming winter garden

Many tasty herbs thrive in autumn’s gentle warmth. The intense heat of summer makes it tricky to grow fast crops like coriander and rocket

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Create lawn envy with these handy tips

Strengthen the lawn for winter by feeding lawns now. In warm areas it boosts growth keeping the lawn greener for longer during winter.

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Product Of The Month - Yates Zero Rapid Gel 1 Hr Action Weedkiller

Yates Product of the Month for March 2015 is Yates Zero Rapid Gel 1 Hr Action Weedkiller.

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Seed of the Month - Yates Parsley ‘Italian Plain Leaf’

The Yates Flavour of the Month for March 2015 is Parsley ‘Italian Plain Leaf'.

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