Judy's Garden Calendar March


March means bright skies, warm days and, as the month progresses, that hint of autumn in the evening air that makes the weather ideal for gardening.

For a complete guide to March gardening, refer to the articles below:


March gardening

Now that’s summer’s over the garden can gradually settle into enjoying milder autumn conditions.

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The autumn vegie garden

Autumn’s a favourite season in the garden when there’s a lot going on. Here are some suggestions for regular seasonal activities.

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Flowers for the winter and spring garden

Autumn’s an important season to prepare for garden colour in late winter and spring. It’s a good idea, though, to get flowers well established before winter because they’ll slow down in cold weather.

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There’s a cabbage to fit any sized garden

These days cabbages are exciting vegetables that can be used in salads, stir fries and soups or can be decorative enough to go into the ornamental garden.

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Product of the Month - Yates New Lawn Seed Range

Yates Product of the Month for March 2014 is Yates Mow It Less, the premium lawn seed blend that means less mowing and, therefore, more time for yourself.

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Seed of the Month - Yates Sweet Pea Blue Reflections

Yates Seed of the Month for March 2014 is Sweet Pea Blue Reflections, another glorious sweet pea from the world-renowned New Zealand plant breeder, Dr Keith Hammett. The name ‘Blue Reflections’ has been well chosen because this sweet pea blooms in varying shades of blue and mauve, with the occasional bloom fading to near white.

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