Judy's Garden Calendar October


October is mid spring, a time when things are really moving in the garden.

Read my articles below for a guide to October gardening.


October Gardening

A summary of garden tasks to be carried out during October

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Growing From Seed

Growing from seed is one of the most fundamental and, therefore, most satisfying of gardening activities.

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Time To Re-pot Orchids

October is a good month to think about orchid care for many orchids have finished flowering and are about to go into their major growth period.

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Understanding Weedkillers

October is weed month and, with spring now well established, weeds are appearing all over the place.

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Seed Of The Month - Yates Microgreens

Yates Seed of the Month for October 2014 is the range of colourful and trendy Microgreens which are vegies and herbs that you can grow in your own kitchen.

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Product of the month - Yates Flower & Fruit Booster Liquid Potash

The Yates Product of the Month for October is the new Flower & Fruit Booster Liquid Potash.

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