Angie's Garden Calendar October


Mid spring is a glorious time in the garden. Roses are blooming, the vegies are growing vigorously and lawns are green and lush with new growth.

Apply fertiliser to everything in the garden now to keep plants healthy and productive by supplying the nutrients they need.

Whats On?

I hope that you enjoy reading the articles below for a guide to October gardening.


Delicious Home Grown Fruit

A great summary of the kinds of delicious fruit that you can grow in your garden.

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Lavender Royalty!

Spring is in full swing, now is the time to get planting some of your favourite blooms.

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Time To Get Busy In The Vegie Patch!

It’s all go in the vegie patch during mid spring, and there are plenty of summer vegies can go in now from seed.

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Soil, Your Garden's Engine Room

Soil is the engine room of the garden and healthy soil will help the garden perform at its best.

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Seed Of The Month - Yates Sunflower Dwarf Sensation

Bring a bit of sunshine into the garden with the Yates Seed of the Month for October 2015 - Yates Sunflower Dwarf Sensation!

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Product Of The Month - NEW - Yates Thrive Liquids

Yates Products of the Month for October 2015 are the *NEW* range of Yates Thrive Liquids.

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