Angie's Garden Calendar September


Welcome to Spring!

It’s an absolutely wonderful time in the garden with lots of new growth and a rainbow of flowers.

September is feeding time. You can feed everything this month – roses, citrus, trees, shrubs, lawns, herbs and vegies. Fertilising makes such a huge difference to plant health so get out into the garden and get feeding!

Whats On?

Below you will find my monthly garden notes for September, which I hope you find useful.


Beautiful Berries & Luscious Lemons

The humble lemon is one of the most productive backyard fruit trees. There are varieties to suit every climate! Plus, tips on how to care for your berry plants this spring.

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Perfect Primulas

Tips on how to keep your primulas in perfect shape, plus LOADS about spring time flowers, shrubs and trees.

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Top Tips For Your Vegie & Herb Garden

Plenty of spring sunshine, good soil, fertiliser and regular watering is a great recipe for your spring vegetable patch to be in tip top shape.

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Spring Time Lawns

Following some simple steps will see that your lawn survives the busy spring season.

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Product Of The Month - Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair

Yates’ product of the month for September 2015 is the brand new Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair.

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Seed Of The Month - Yates Capsicum ‘Colour Salad Selection’

Yates Seed of the Month for September 2015 is Capsicum ‘Colour Salad Selection’

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