Judy's Garden Calendar September


The September garden, with its combination of fresh new growth, soft scents and colourful flowers, is really special.

Below you will find my monthly garden notes for September, which I hope you find useful.


Favourite flowers and vegies for spring sowing

Learn which vegies and flowers can be started from Yates seeds at this time.

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September gardening

A summary of important tasks to undertake during September

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Flowering spring trees

Some suggestions for spring blooming trees to brighten up your garden.

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Kumara and sweet potatoes

A guide to growing sweet potatoes

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Product of the Month - Yates Lawn Master Rapid Greening Lawn Food

A premium, fast acting, liquid hose on fertiliser that will green up the lawn in a matter of days.

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Seed of the month - Yates Lemon Balm

A sweet smelling, perennial member of the mint family.

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