Yates Garden Guide

Yates Garden Guide

With more than one million copies sold since it was first published in 1895, Yates Garden Guide is generally acknowledged to be a bestselling New Zealand book.


The current edition, the 78th, marks the 130th anniversary of Yates in New Zealand. The guide remains the most comprehensive, reliable and practical source of advice on gardening around.


  • Special 78th Edition celebrates the 130th Anniversary of Yates in New Zealand.
  • A month-by-month gardening calendar.
  • More than 150 new hints from some top gardeners.
  • A chapter on special groups of plants (bromeliads, cacti, succulents, proteas and ornamentals grasses and foliage).
  • A chapter on gardening in special conditions – shady, fire-prone, clay-soil, boggy, courtyard and seaside gardens.
  • Beautifully illustrated by top horticultural photographers.

This special anniversary edition features a pictorial history of Yates in New Zealand and a new chapter about changes in garden styles over the last century, as well as a completely revised chapter on new Zealand native plants.

If it’s about gardening it’s in the Yates Garden Guide, from planning and designing the layout to preparing and maintenance, propagating plants, gardening for the kitchen, fruit trees, ornamentals – whether that be the perfect lawn, flower garden, roses or trees and shrubs.

Soils, compost and worms get some close-up attention in the guide, as do destructive pests, diseases and weeds. And , if you’re one of those people who think organic gardening is a ‘do nothing’ approach that lets nature take its course, then Yates Garden Guide will put you back on track with its information on natural soil improvements, disease-resistant plants and coping with weeds. In this time of climate change, the chapter on the water-saving garden should provide much interest for those areas in the country that are prone to drought.

The Guide also features hundreds of plant descriptions, many handy hints, a 12-month gardening calendar, gardening for kids, container gardening, along with luscious and descriptive colour photographs. The 78th edition of Yates Garden Guide is even more comprehensive and completely indispensable.

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