I would like to ask about my baby monstera. I’m worried about it.

I bought them seven (7) days ago and it seems as though they were not properly taken care of. Seems like the leaves are getting droopy and at the same time they look ok. Also, I feel like the leaves are thinning but they became bigger as compared to seven (7) days ago. I also noticed that the color is not becoming dark green but a bit lighter green. They became longer and they developed aerial roots and I searched that it means they are happy. I have attached the photos of my plant and I hope you can help me asses whether they look ok and happy because I’m constantly worried about them.


22 July 2021 08:52 AM

Hi Janine, Monstera like moist but not overly wet soil with good drainage and prefer good indirect light and high humidity. As long as these criteria are met, the plant should grow well. With  a young plant, the stems are comparatively small, so the leaves may appear to droop. The leaves will also change to a lighter green if the light level is now higher than it was accustomed to previously. The formation of the aerial roots does indicate that growth is normal. Regards, Chris

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