I sowed Yates Luxury Lawn back in May and it is very 'clumpy'.

I sprayed the whole lawn twice with glyphosate late last year and early this year to kill kikuyu, then left for a couple of months. Then I raked out all the dead grass with a steel rake, and spread 3 cubic metres of good quality lawn mix with built in fertiliser to an average depth of 30-40mm. I used a hand spreader to sow the seed and lightly raked it over. There was little interest from the birds. It germinated OK, and was green and quite lush to start with. I have watered it deeply by hand almost every evening throughout the water restrictions. Despite this, the lawn is still quite dry looking and there are clumps of living grass surrounded by patches of dead grass. My small dog pees on it, and that does explain a few dead patches, but by no means all of them. I am mowing infrequently to a lawn height of about 30mm. Did I choose the wrong seed, or was my preparation or maintenance faulty? Should I fertilise it again? I know Luxury lawn has only 2 stars for 'tolerance to drought',


11 February 2021 06:45 AM


Your preparation for the new lawn was good, however the very dry weather this Summer has meant that it has been difficult to maintain growth in a relatively high maintenance grass such as Luxury Lawn. Watering deeply, but less frequently during Spring will encourage deeper root growth and make a lawn more drought resistant when the temperature rises during Summer. The lawn shouldn't be fertilised at this stage and you may wish to consider over sowing with a seed such as Mow it Less in Autumn to restore it.

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