Photinia Red Robin - green with yellow leaves with red spots

Please advise what is this and how do we fix it with a spray ?


03 August 2022 04:46 PM

This looks likely to be a leaf spot infection. To manage the condition, use "Yates Fungus Fighter | Fungicide - Concentrate": 

A broad-spectrum fungicide with systemic, curative and protective action against a wide range of fungal diseases. Controls powdery mildew, blackspot and rust on apples, grapes, ornamentals and lawns.. Click here for more information on this product:

As we head into spring, this is a great time to consider the overall health and vigour of the plant. A feed to help new growth and fend off other disease would be a great idea. Try "Yates Thrive Fish Blood & Bone Plant Food Concentrate".  A balanced garden fertiliser with a powerful nutrient enriched formulation to help your garden flourish no matter what plants you grow. The fish-based plant food has added NPK to ensure strong, lush plant growth and healthy soil. Learn more about the product here:

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