Silk tree - hollow branch when cut and dark ooze from spots on the trunk.

What could cause the spots and oozi g, and the rotted or eaten heart of the branch? I planted the tree over a year ago. The soil is mostly clay. I have photos I can email you that won't attach below.


28 January 2021 08:15 AM

Hi Ro,

The tree is infected with a fungal disease called Canker. It is prevalent during warm wet conditions and usually enters through areas that suffer physical or insect damage. Branches die back and gum can flow from the areas.

Affected branches should be removed and destroyed. If the trunk is affected the infection should be cut back to healthy growth. A solution of Yates Liquid Copper diluted 25 mls made up to 100mls with water should be applied to all wounds.

For prevention, trees should be sprayed with Liquid Copper in Autumn and then again in Spring, with two to three applications 2 weeks apart.     All the best

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