How do I best deal with severe thrips on a laurel bush


03 May 2021 07:12 AM


Thrips are 0.5mm – 15 mm long and range in colour from white through yellow and brown to black. Thrips generally have wings that are fringed but this can only be seen with magnification. Thrips attack the flowers, fruit and foliage of vegetable crops and ornamental plants. Roses, fruit trees, azaleas, gladioli and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and beans all suffer from thrip attacks. They also feed on a wide range of weeds.

During hot weather, weeds dry up and the insects migrate to more attractive plants. Thrips lay eggs inside plant tissue and the pupae feed on plant juices. Thrips also lay eggs in unopened buds making it difficult to control the insect.

Badly affected parts of the plant should be removed and the bush sprayed with Yates Success Ultra at 7 day intervals until new growth shows no sign of damage. Applying a seaweed tonic such as Thrive Natural Seaweed will assist with recovery.

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