Yates iPhone App

Yates Problem Solver App for iPad and iPhone

The Yates Problem Solver App is now available for iPad as well as iPhone and is available for FREE on Apple iTunes.

Download iPhone App
Download iPad App

The newly released iPad version of the App has larger images, supports screen rotation and features a variety of practical gardening videos.

The most popular part of the Yates website is consistently the Garden Problem Solver with its pictures and information about the common pests and diseases that trouble garden plants. Now, with the Yates Problem Solver App, iPad, iPhone and iTouch users will be able to have their own garden problem solver at their fingertips. All they’ll need to do is to visit the iTunes store and download the free Yates Problem Solver App.

Tech-savvy (especially younger) homeowners who would never think to listen to a gardening show or read a gardening magazine, will feel quite comfortable about using the images on their iPhone or iTouch screen to identify their garden problems. Then, once they’ve identified the pest or disease they’ll be able to check out the solutions to their problems and add them to a ‘wishlist’, an electronic shopping list that can be taken to the store.

Yates iPad App Yates iPad App Yates iPad App

Yates is continuing to invest in communication technology because we all recognise that, for many, this is the way of the future – even for gardeners!

To get the Yates Garden Problem Solver App on your device, simply visit the app store in itunes and search for Yates. Or download via the links below.

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