Choosing the right Potting Mix

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Container plants are very popular but when it comes to potting mix, confusion reigns. Is potting mix really necessary? How do I know it’s going to do the job? Is it true that potting mix can be dangerous to handle? Here, from Yates, the most experienced name in New Zealand gardening, are the answers to these common questions.

Why should I use a quality potting mix?

How do I know I’m buying a good quality potting mix?

The best way is to buy from a reputable supplier such as Yates.

What are the qualities of a good potting mix?

Which mix should you choose?

Premium Mixes

Premium mixes are the first choice when you want the very best for your plants. Premium mixes have greater water-holding capacity, contain added nitrogen, and remain at peak performance for a longer period. They are a worthwhile investment, especially for those superior plants that are important decorative specimens.


Specialty potting mixes have been formulated to provide particular plant types with the most appropriate growing medium. Yates’s list of specialty mixes includes: African Violet & Cyclamen Mix – a fine, light mix for indoor flowering plants; Bulb Growing Mix – extra drainage to keep bulbs in peak condition; Orchid Mix – very well drained; Patio & Tub mix holds extra moisture in hotspots; Black Magic Seed Raising Mix – fine particles to encourage successful germination.

Are potting mixes dangerous to handle?

Like all organic-based products, potting mixes can sometimes carry bacteria. It’s a sensisble precaution to wear gloves and a face mask when handling potting mix. Most importantly, always wash hands well with soap and water when you have finished.

Potting Mix Guide

For more information, read our potting mix guide. Potting Mix Guide


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