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Create a Herb Garden

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The best way to enjoy herbs is to have them growing right outside the kitchen where you can harvest them just when you need them.

  1. Start by choosing a suitable pot. Yates Tuscan pots look great in every style of landscape and are available in a range of colours.
  2. Fill the pot with Yates Thrive Premium potting mix. It contains slow release fertiliser that will feed your plants for up to nine months. Added soil wetters in the mix improve water absorption – no more water runoff and wastage.
  3. Sow Yates herb seeds into the potting mix. Make sure you read the instructions on the seed packet for sowing depth and spacing. Most herb varieties can be planted at this time of year. Chives, basil, coriander, mint and parsley are all popular varieties. A bay tree or some upright-growing rosemary will add structure to your herb pot.
  4. Make sure you position the pot to suit the variety of herbs selected. Most herbs require sun.
  5. Keep the potting mix moist while seeds are establishing.
  6. Feed the young herbs with Thrive Soluble Plant Food every two weeks to make sure they grow extra strong and healthy.
  7. Begin Harvesting when the herbs have plenty of leaves.

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