Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food

Organic fertiliser to gently feed all lawn types.


  • Granulated Dynamic Lifter Organic plant food particles which release nutrients slowly.
  • Added Blood and Bone, fishmeal and seaweed organically enrich and improve the soil.
  • Organic particles are small enough to filter through to soil level.
  • Improves the structure and moisture retention of the soil.
  • Encourages earthworms and beneficial soil micro-organisms.

How It Works

Provides long lasting nutrients for sustained healthy lawn and soil.


Composted chicken manure, Blood and Bone, fishmeal and seaweed.

Directions for use

Established lawns: 6kg per 100 square metres.

New lawn construction: 12 kg per 100 square metres.

Apply in spring and early autumn.

Can also be used on garden beds safely.


May raise pH over time, so care may be needed with alkaline soils.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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