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Spring Gardening

At last spring’s arrived, and gardeners are rejoicing. So here are some top tips for spring activities in the garden:

  1. Prune spring bloomers immediately after their show is over. Then, after every pruning job, feed the plant. Yates Nature-s Way Bio-Gold pellets are good for most shrubs. It’s a completely organic fertiliser that will also improve the soil.
  2. Roses are at their best in spring. Enjoy the flowers, but don’t forget to begin protecting new leaves with a systemic fungicide such as the one in Yates Rose Gun (Super Shield is more suitable for larger rose gardens).
  3. Once the soil is warm, sow summer vegies such as beans, sweet corn, pumpkins, zucchinis (courgettes), cucumbers and melons. Plant potatoes in warm areas – kumara.
  4. Feed the lawn to encourage new growth. Lush Lawn Master is a premium slow release lawn food with added wetting agents that will help carry the nutrients down to the roots.
  5. Remove weeds from the lawn with Yates Turfix or Prickle Weedkiller (always read the label carefully). Then follow up with a feed. Or take the easy way and use Yates hose-on Weed n Feed. After the weeds have died, thicken the lawn by oversowing with Yates Lush Sun n Shade lawn seed.
  6. Watch for weeds springing up as the weather warms. On paths and driveways, apply DAS to keep the surface weed free for up to twelve months. Use Zero to control weeds in garden beds (avoiding contact with wanted plants).
  7. Surrender will remove moss from lawns, roofs and pathways. It also takes care of lichen, liverworts and algae in damp areas.
  8. Start a new herb patch. This is the season to plant basil and dill.
  9. Geraniums (pelargoniums) give months of summer colour but watch for fungal leaf spots. Yates Rose Gun will help keep leaves disease free. The insecticide in the Rose Gun will also take care of the grubs that chew holes in the buds.
  10. Divide clump-forming plants and spread to new parts of the garden. Crowded orchids, too, can be split up, then fed with Yates Orchid Food.


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