A Sprinkle of Christmas Cheer


Date:15 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - The Christmas Garden, Flowers

I'm already loving reading everyone's Christmas blog posts. There's some serious creative talent in our little community here. Thank you all for inspiring me with your ideas once again! :) 

Here are my three ideas to share - 

1. Potted Herbs for Christmas Gifts 

Recently Stacey170 shared a post of how she had potted up cuttings of her Pink Bubbles for Christmas gifts. I loved the idea so much that I decided we'd do something similar for Luke's teachers.  Instead of Pink Bubbles I put together some pots of herbs. We bought pots from The Warehouse for $4.50 each and then mixed herbs from Awapuni. This way I got a selection, rather than all the same herb. I then added in a small marigold plant into each pot for a bit of colour. Add a sparkly red ribbon, a tag saying 'Thank you for helping me grow' and you've got yourself a cute little Christmas gift. Thank you for sharing your amazing idea Stacey! We just put our own little spin on it. 


2. Flowers in a Jar

If you pick flowers from the garden, pop them in a mason jar filled with water, screw the lid on tightly, and turn it upside down you've got a simple way to make a beautiful centrepiece for a Christmas meal. We picked a red rose Luke had chosen to grow called 'I Love You Mum'. Perfect paired with a candle on the coffee table too. Maybe I should have chucked myself together a cheeseboard for my romantic night in for one haha. 


3. Growing Candycanes in the Garden

If you give your child a handful of tic tacs and tell them they're candycane seeds they will happily run off into the garden to plant them. Better yet - tell them one of Santa's elves delivered them. The following morning candycanes appeared in our sweetcorn patch. I had one very excited five year old picking his candycanes the next morning. The fastest crop you'll ever grow. These things even put radishes to shame ;) 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone xx

A Sprinkle of Christmas Cheer