Busy times ahead!


Date:11 Sep 2020

Have been a bit late to the challenge this year, can't believe it has come around soo quickly!

Big changes this year, My Mum and Dad have moved to a 5 acre lifestyle block, and what was the first thing on my list to achieve? well planting out the new Orchard of course! Busy morning getting the holes dug and the trees in before it got too warm and the ground too hard to get them in. 

Jobs for this weekend,

1.Get my seeds in, yes I am late on that as well. 

2. Get my flower beds dug over and compost put through to plant Dahlia, yes again, late on that too, should have been done a couple of weeks ago

3. Trim my Feijoas, which again, should have been down 2 months ago

A gardeners work is never done! 


Busy times ahead!