Fun With Kids - Garden Labels and Bird Scarers


Date:12 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Yesterday I ended up with Mr 5 at home with conjuctivitis - another fun thing that goes around junior classrooms at times. He was bright as a button though so after a trip to the chemist we decided to finish off some of his garden projects. Last weekend we bought a bag of riverstones and I helped him to paint a base coat on them. They've been drying on newspaper on the deck and were ready to use now. These are going to be Luke's garden labels for the plants he's growing. He's used sharpies to draw his pictures and then I'll spray them with a clear protective coat prior to them going outside. 

The other thing he made was a bird scarer to hang in the garden. We used a few shiny CDS tied together with ribbon (bit of help from mum was needed here). Luke threaded lots of his beads together at the top of the ribbon. This bit was used to hang the bird scarer over a branch. We'll put it in his garden though. I just need to get a stake or something to attach it to. The 'tail' at the bottom was made from a few different rolls of coloured cellophane. 

His salad greens seem to be loving this warm, wet weather we've had in Northland. Luke also planted some Purple Dragon carrot seeds into a large potato bag as a bit of an experiment. I've never grown carrots in a container before so we'll see if we have any luck. He loves using the watering can now and is forever telling me to be careful not to wet the leaves. The little things you hear your kids start saying that you know they've heard you say haha. 

Quick question - has anyone got any suggestions on where to purchase a nice harvest basket from? 

Fun With Kids - Garden Labels and Bird Scarers