Garden Progress Update


Date:23 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been really enjoying reading everyone's posts about how far they've come in the past few weeks with their gardens. Thank you for the suggestion to have a little look back at our previous posts Sarah. It was actually really awesome to see how far our veggie patches have come in such a short time. Just another reminder of how amazing nature is. 

I've popped three photos into my photo collage tonight. The one on the left is what I started with on the 15th August. In the background you can see my younger brother working on putting the garden boxes together. Up the top is a photo of the garden three weeks ago today and the bottom photo I took today. I wish I could whip my summer body into shape at the gym as fast as these seedlings have whipped themselves into a summer garden haha. 

Today I finished adding all the pea straw to my garden, added more ties to the bamboo teepees for the cucumbers/gherkins, tied up the tomatoes, removed more laterals, did a lot of weeding (both in the gardens and around the garden boxes in preparation for mulch), and visited a small nursery with my poppa. The lady we went to visit today is 92 years old and used to bring her plants to the growers market every Saturday morning. Since the Covid scare she's stayed away though. Still sharp as a tack and her entire backyard is set up as a nursery that people can still purchase from. 

For anyone that was curious about the pea straw bales; one bale did all four of the raised vegetable gardens (2.4m x 1.2m), the large strawberry patch and blueberry garden too. Definitely bang for your buck at $24 a pop. 

We've got so much spinach and silverbeet ready to be picked now. A few of the tomato plants have fruit on them, and the courgette plants are chocka. Lots to celebrate. It will be interesting to see everyone's photos in another three weeks if this is how much our gardens can grow over the past month. 

Garden Progress Update