Growing Nightshade Vegetables


Date:15 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Over the weekend I planted some more seed potatoes. I've had Ilam Hardy potatoes in since the start of September and have now planted Agria too. Both varieties are being grown in potato bags to ensure that we make the most of our limited space. I generally put three seed potatoes in per bag and it seems to give us a reasonable haul.

In saying that, some of you may remember the battle I previously had with growing nightshade vegetables due to the dreaded psylids. Thankfully, now that I've moved into a new home I should be good to go (fingers crossed). I have waited so long to be able to grow tomatoes. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about this growing season because of that. 

I've planted a variety of NZ Heritage Beefsteak Tomato seeds. I'll also plant a couple of cherry tomatoes. Always a popular one for the lunch box (if Mr 5 lets them make it out of the garden). Can anyone recommend a good cherry tomato that grows and produces well in a compact space? I think 'determinate' is the word I'm looking for. A small, compact bush variety that will produce a good crop in a short space of time. I have a slight addiction to trying to grow new varieties of tomatoes so am always open to new suggestions. 

Capsicums are another thing we'll be growing. Mr 5 loves these! He's really keen to grow everything to make homemade pizza and salad to go with it. He's told me he then wants to cook and eat homemade pizza with his Poppa Don (his great granddad). Homemade pizza is something he's regularly eaten at my grandparents' house so it's become their special tradition. 

I need to order a load of pine chip to go around the base of the raised vegetable gardens. This will enable me to create the paths that I'm wanting. The two gardens that run down the fence line will soon become bee and butterfly gardens. The plan is to fill them with bee friendly flowers, as well as several swan plants to attract more of these beneficial insects to our veggie patch. 

The low garden you can see in the front is the strawberry patch. These were planted in July and are starting to take off now. I added strawberry straw over the weekend as the odd early strawberry has started to form already. Time to pop up some bird netting before we start feeding the Silvereye and Tui that regularly visit our backyard. 

Realistically, I probably won't be able to blog daily due to the working single mum juggle. I'm loving being part of this community again though. It's such a special space to follow other people's garden journeys and to learn from each other. Wishing everyone the best for the growing season ahead. 

Growing Nightshade Vegetables