It's Starting to Feel Like Summer


Date:02 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We've been really lucky with our weather in Northland. The days are getting much warmer, but we've also had a couple of decent downpours too. The runner beans and dwarf peas I direct sowed have all popped up, which means it's time to sort some netting to go on the framing asap. 

Overall I'm content with the progress we're making with our new gardens. I think once the pine chip is down around the outside of the raised veggie gardens it will look a lot more aesthetically pleasing too. It's been a lot of work, but hopefully it will pay off. My goal has always been to get to a place where I can sit at the BBQ table come Christmas Eve and be happy with the garden I've created. Good things take time. 

The sweetcorn and tomatoes are all growing well. Luke's salad patch is going crazy! I noticed what looked like early blight spots on a couple of the tomato plants I'd purchased from the markets. I've made the harsh call to not take the risk and have binned them. They weren't planted in one of the main gardens so that made the decision easier too. 

I've been trying to put a bit of effort into growing flowers this year in the hope of attracting more beneficial insects to our veggie patch. That and also creating a more cottage garden feel. I've fed the roses with Yates Thrive Rose and Flowers Natural Plant Food. I've also used the Yates Nature's Way Veggie Gun to try to deal with the aphids that have been hanging around. The established fruit trees are loaded with fruit too - the plum, grapevine and feijoa trees. 

I noticed the first tiny courgettes appear on my Zephyr Courgette over the past week. I always get a bit excited when this happens. It's a bit the same as that first tomato or strawberry. 

On the 'to do' list this week is going to be sorting the frames for tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and beans. Possibly the pine chip, but I'm pushing that out a little so the gardens look nice when the school home garden judges come to visit Luke's garden. It's only a school thing, but me being me still feels like I have to have it all looking good by the time they visit. Just something about people coming to have a look around the garden haha. Other than that I'm deep watering every other morning and continuing to feed everything with Yates Seaweed Tonic. I'm also planning on ordering some more cottage flowers and purchasing swan plants for Luke to grow. He's been working hard on his home garden booklet. It's just a bit cute at five. Will share a photo of one of the pages sometime soon. We're doing lots of learning about helpful insects, planning a bird scarer and will be making labels for his vegetable garden this week. He's going to paint riverstones white, draw on them with sharpies and then I'll spray them with a protective spray we have from when he painted his bird house. 

Lots to still tick off, but lots of small things to celebrate along the way too. I hope everyone has a good week in the garden :)

It's Starting to Feel Like Summer