It's the Little Things


Date:29 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

While I still have a huge 'to do' list on the go, tonight I was reminded why I put all of the hours into the garden. Straight after dinner Luke ran outside to the strawberry patch and picked a handful of fresh strawberries. Instead of eating them he told me he was saving them to make a strawberry wrap (basically a salad wrap, but he likes to add chopped strawberries). So tomorrow morning I've said he can pick some of the baby lettuce leaves from his salad garden and make a wrap for his lunchbox. 

Our garden is still in the very early stages since we have started at scratch at our new place, but little moments like this are always special. I love seeing his love for the garden continue to grow each year. A little snapshot of garden to table through the eyes of a five year old. 

We've had a reasonable amount of rain here over the past couple of days in Northland, which has been good for all the new seedlings that went in over Labour Weekend. Over the next week I need to sort my frames for the beans, tomatoes, and courgettes. I know I should have done these prior to planting out, but hopefully by doing it only shortly after I'll avoid any major root damage. Vertical gardening is definitely my friend this year. It means I can squeeze so much more into my small backyard. Everything is starting to take off now. I always find there's a bit of a waiting game while seedlings are hardened off etc and then it's all go! Fingers crossed for a good growing season ahead. 

It's the Little Things