Labour Weekend Traditions


Date:25 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As much as I'd hoped to have all of my gardens planted out by Labour Weekend, there's something I really love about the tradition of a big Labour Weekend plant out. The growers markets were buzzing with people first thing Saturday morning buying seedlings in bulk. Mitre 10 and Bunnings were also the same. 

I picked up a few extra tomato plants at our local growers market. I managed to find a couple more varieties I was after and as usual, couldn't resist. My heritage tomato plants I've grown from seed are still a week or two away from being planted out. I was a bit late to the party so wanted to get a couple of extra plants in now. 

It's been a big weekend in the garden so far. Here are some of the jobs I've managed to tick off...

*I've removed all the weed mat from the front gardens. This was a big job! I've had two trailer loads of compost sitting on the driveway from the school fundraiser so yesterday that all went into these gardens. I'm in the process of trying to restore the quality of the soil there because there was weed mat with bark on top - fun times. As well as adding the compost I also added Yates Vegan Fertilizer. Being vegetarian I prefer to use products without blood and bone, but it hasn't often been possible.  I had no idea this was even a thing so interested to see how it goes.

* Prepped the soil in the four raised vegetable beds. I've now added sheep pellets, sprinkled the fertilizer through and most of the gardens also have layers of pea straw through them. Does anyone know why there's such a shortage of sheep pellets around? I had a job at both Mitre 10 and Bunnings to get my hands on any. 

* Gave the strawberry patch a good feed and topped up the potatoes with more veggie mix. 

* Planted out three of the four raised vegetable gardens. Here's a little overview of what I'm planting in each one:

Garden 1 - Lots of sweetcorn, dwarf beans at the front, runner beans at the back. I'm also going to add a buttercup to run up the frame that I'll have at the back for the beans. Basically a Three Sisters inspired garden. That's always worked well for me so far. I've also popped a watermelon in right at the end of the garden, which I'll trail over the edge and it can run along the ground. 

Garden 2 - Tomatoes and basil. I've got 8 tomato plants in here now and have planted basil seedlings right around the edges. I'm amazed at how easy basil was to grow once the temperature warmed up. Definitely a money saver there! 

Garden 3 - Luke's salad patch. This has been on the go for a while now, but I added a few extra lettuce plants in to replace the ones the cat decided would be fun to rip out. His little plants were given a good feed of Yates Seaweed Tonic and I've added more sheep pellets. I also need to sprinkle some more Quash pellets around as it's snail city here! 

Garden 4 - Still to be planted out, but this will be for my courgettes, cucumber, miniature pumpkin varieties. 

Sorry about the long post. I've had a bit of catching up to do. Feeling a lot better than I was so here's to lots more time in the garden. How amazing has this sunshine been this weekend though?! Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend with family and friends :) 

I'll pop back later and add some photos... It's 6 am and a little bit too dark haha

Labour Weekend Traditions