Lots of catching up to do


Date:20 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been missing in action a little bit lately as I've ended up quite unwell again (ongoing illness) so I had to put my health first for a bit. I've put together a new plan together with my specialist so things should improve soon. Apologies for the lack of blog posts. I've just been so shattered at the end of the day after work. I'm looking forward to catching up on what's been happening in everyone's gardens. I've missed connecting with you all on a regular basis. 

I was determined to have all of my gardens planted out before Labour Weekend, but it's looking like I'll be doing the traditional big plant out this weekend instead. All of my seedlings will be hardened off properly by then and it's given me the extra time I needed to really prep the soil. Over the weekend I picked up two trailer loads of compost. We did a school fundraiser so the timing was perfect. I've got that to mix into the front gardens once I finish removing the last of the weed mat. 

The potato bags are almost full now, except for the last lot of seed potatoes I put in (Rocket). Our salad garden is doing well too and all of Luke's seedlings are coming along nicely. My plan is to give everything a really good feed this week too. Sheep pellets and Yates seaweed tonic are both on the shopping list. I've also been looking into where to buy bulk amounts of pea straw. It looks like I have a couple of options up here so I'll get onto that as well now. 

One of the other reasons I haven't got all my new seedlings in is due to not having the frames and stakes organised. That's another job for this week. Doing this prior to planting will prevent the roots being damaged on the tomatoes, courgettes etc once they've started to develop. I'll also direct sow some extra beans, peas, and corn this weekend. 

Looking forward to getting stuck into it this week again. For now, here's a quick photo of the potatoes doing their thing in their bags. 

Lots of catching up to do