Luke's Pizza and Salad Patch


Date:02 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

The past couple of days have been spent planning and organising Luke's garden. The school holidays have given us that extra down time to get his garden patch sorted. In his booklet he had to draw a plan for his gardens. He's growing capsicum, spring onions, radishes, a mix of lettuces, silverbeet, celery, and spinach. He's picked the majority of what's in his garden, with me throwing in a couple of suggestions. A small selection of herbs still need to be planted. Possibly in a pot as he's run out of room in his garden. 

I've had to try really hard to let go of my crop rotation plan with this one. Part of me wanted to be like do we really need to grow the capsicum, spring onions, and radishes in with the salad/lettuce plants? haha You just can't do that to a five year old though. It's more the nightshades that concern me because of my previous back luck with pysllids. We've popped the two capsicum plants right down the end so on the off chance we end up with diseased plants I'll know not to plant in the same spot the following season. Fingers crossed we have better luck this year. He wants his own tomato plant in the pizza garden too so we'll opt for a variety suitable for a pot for that one. I'm planning to have a separate garden for the rest of the tomatoes. 

Yesterday we went shopping for some seedlings for him. Because of the lack of a greenhouse and time I'm probably doing 50/50 with growing from seed and purchasing seedlings this year. I tend not to bother growing lettuces, silverbeet etc from seed and save the seed sowing for varieties I can't get my hands on as easily. I also sow seeds for things we want bulk of e.g. sweetcorn, beans, and peas. Luke did have two packets of Yates radish seeds - the red salad radishes and some purple amethyst radishes. He's direct sowed these into his garden. Maybe next year we'll try to grow everything from seed, but with starting our gardens completely from scratch a lot of time is going into that as well. 

Today he soaked his seedlings in the Yates seaweed tonic prior to planting out. We then talked about where to plant the seedlings and placed them out prior to planting them. He's opted for rows, but planted more closely together like you would in a square metre garden. I find this generally works fine with salad veggies. He took great pride in his garden patch, although got tired towards the end so I helped him to get some into the garden as well. For some reason my spring onions often get what I think is rust. If anyone has any tips on avoiding this I'd love to hear them. I was a bit reluctant to chuck them in his garden, but it was one of the veggies Luke insisted on. 

I've never used slug/snail pellets before because I like to keep things as natural as possible. We have used Quash around the seedlings this season though as it's like snail city in our backyard! Fingers crossed they just stay away as I'm a softie and hate killing anything. 

Here's a photo of my cheeky monkey doing his thing. I'm much happier behind the camera than in front of it myself! :) 

Luke's Pizza and Salad Patch