Meet the Neighbours Nomination


Date:19 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours

I always find this mini challenge the hardest because there are so many gardeners I would love to nominate. Countless bloggers inspire me in different ways and everyone is so supportive in our little blogging community. 

My nomination this time goes to Briar's Patch though. I love the way she involves her children and as a classroom teacher was especially inspired by the taste testing blog post. I'm looking forward to following her journey throughout the season. 

It's a special opportunity to be able to connect with so many like-minded people in this way and bounce ideas off each other. All the very best for a productive growing season everyone! :) 

I thought I'd share a photo of the beautiful plum tree in full blossom since this post isn't about my garden tonight. Another sign that Spring has arrived. 

Meet the Neighbours Nomination