Our First Tomatoes!


Date:27 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I didn't have very high expectations for my tomatoes, but they've almost doubled in size over the past three weeks. The majority of the plants are a metre high. Some are a little shorter and some are a little taller. I was so sure that we had psyllids so I used neem oil and Yates Nature's Way Pyrethrum about a fortnight ago.

It's kept the little insects away, but I've since noticed them on other plants that aren't nightshades e.g. the silverbeet, spinach, and radishes. They seem to be everywhere. Everywhere, I haven't sprayed with one of those products anyway. Now I'm second guessing myself and wondering if they're some other little critter. Whatever they are they'd sucked the life out of my plants in the respect that all the trusses twisted towards the ground and the leaves became cupped. 

Early this evening I gave them another spray with Yates Nature's Way Pyrethrum. Other than that the plants seem to be growing quickly and the flowers are no longer dropping off. I've got fruit developing on about half the plants so far so it's looking positive. There are lots more flowers on the plants now too and our bees have been regularly spotted doing their thing in the garden. 

I bought Yates Thrive Fish & Seaweed Plant Food from Bunnings tonight so will give them a feed of that over the weekend. Other than that I've added pea straw for a mulch and have been giving them a deep water every second morning. Fingers crossed the plants keep going the way they are and we get some ripe tomatoes for the first time in a couple of seasons. I'm feeling hopeful! Time to replace those stakes with some larger ones and a better system soon. 

This week has been super busy as work so I've been a bit slack at reading posts sorry. I always love reading your posts and a comment as so many of you make the effort to do the same on mine, which is always appreciated. Looking forward to catching up over the weekend. The school home garden judges come to visit tomorrow so I have one excited five year old. :) 

Our First Tomatoes!