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Date:29 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yesterday while we were out at the Christmas parade the school home garden judges popped in for a visit. I have no idea at this point what mark Luke was given and honestly, it really doesn't matter to me. Supporting him to have a home garden was never about that for me, but about developing a love for the garden instead. Because he does week about between my place and his dad's it was definitely a 50/50 effort, but I'm still so proud of this little monkey.

He was super excited to find a small brown paper bag in his garden. Inside it was a rainbow lollipop and a packet of capsicum seeds - a nice gesture from our home garden judges. Today my grandparents (Luke's great grandparents) came to visit too. Luke showed his garden proudly to them and then we took a photo. Some of you will remember my lovely poppa filled up most of the raised gardens for us. The photos are taken exactly two months apart. I scrolled back through my posts and the photo on the left was one I used in the last weekend of September. 

Luke has SO much bright lights silverbeet and spinach to use. If anyone has meal ideas please feel free to throw them my way! haha. We'll give lots away too. It really needed to be picked earlier, but I wanted to let him leave his garden as full as possible until the judges arrived. We'll pull out some of the lettuces now too and replace with more loose leaf lettuces. I personally find these so much more useful.

After a look around the garden tonight it looks like I'll get to do my first little harvest tomorrow morning. Along with the spinach and silverbeet, there's also a cucumber, few zucchini, lettuce, and basil that's good to go. Awapuni had free shipping on Friday for their Black Friday deal so I've ordered a few more things for our bee/butterfly garden - Cosmos, Aster, Lupin, Delphinuim, Petunia etc. I've opted for cottage flowers to go with the style of our garden. Although they're not specifically for bees/ butterflies they'll add to what is already there. We're loving seeing all the bees and Monarch Butterflies visiting our garden lately so must be doing at least something right there. I've also got Sweet Peas and Calendula to go in. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend in the garden. We had a day of sunshine and then a day of showers in Northland so can't complain! :)  

Pizza and Salad Patch