Popping Corn, Giant Pumpkins, and Pizza Garden


Date:08 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sunday morning was spent writing school reports (teacher life) while my friend kindly took my little boy out for the morning with her daughter. Luke had the best time going for a walk around the Town Basin, playing at the playground, getting ice cream, and then McDonalds as a treat for lunch. Definitely more exciting than being at home with Mum while she did school work. 

After an early 4.30 am start I was finished what I needed to get done by about 2.00 pm so we got stuck into the garden together. The garden definitely provides me with some much needed downtime. Despite the odd shower it was still warm outside. 

At the markets Saturday morning I picked up a thornless boysenberry, a black cherry tomato to replace the one I pulled out, and a standard green zucchini. I grew Zephyr (yellow and green) from seed and a different variety which I can't tell you off the top of my head. Anyway, there was one space leftover in the raised veggie garden. While those were getting a soak in the seaweed tonic, Luke also soaked his strawberry popping corn seeds. 

I've been trying to work out what to do with these as I planted my sweetcorn earlier than I'd planned. We've decided on large flexi tubs so they can be shipped off to Poppa's house to avoid any cross pollinating. The strawberry popping corn is always one of Luke's favourite things to grow. It always amazes me how much you get off one tiny cob. It's like there's a popcorn party in every one. 

He also checked on his Atlantic Giant pumpkin. It's got several flowers already. I really only want to grow 1-2 pumpkins on it so the plant puts all its energy into growing a large fruit. It's our first time growing one so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. Lots of compost and sheep pellets which it seems to be taking well too. Although beside the guava tree it is a sunny spot. 

Luke's pizza and salad garden is doing so well. He's been loving pulling out the radishes and tells me it's a surprise what colour he'll get every time (we mixed red and purple radish seeds together when planting). His bright lights silverbeet, spinach, and lettuces are getting huge. I'm 90% sure the damn pysllids are back though. I'll do a separate post on this. I know these little guys all too well so we have some decisions to make there. 

We also added a layer of organic compost on top of his strawberry patch. They've had that, some volcanic top soil, sheep pellets, and Yates vegan fertilizer in an attempt to sort the soil out post weed mat/bark. Possibly also need a good quality strawberry food. The plants themselves aren't growing all that fast, but we're still regularly producing strawberries. 

After Luke was in bed I planted out the Cape Gooseberry and the boysenberry. It's nice to be able to get back out into the garden after dinner. Daylight Saving perks. I hope everyone had a good weekend :) 

Popping Corn, Giant Pumpkins, and Pizza Garden