Pricking Out is a Prick of a Job


Date:28 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

While I love growing my own vegetables from seed, I do find pricking seedlings out and transplanting them to be a prick of a job! I lack the patience required here haha. It's always time consuming and rather tedious. In saying that, once the job is complete it does feel rewarding. 

Today I pricked out and transplanted most of my courgettes, basil, baby tomatoes, Luke's strawberry popping corn, and the sunflowers. I always wait until the seedlings get their second set of true leaves. With the baby tomatoes I pop them in a bit deeper and cover them up until closer to their first leaves. Plenty of time and this makes for stronger little plants. 

After I'd finished this job I sowed what will hopefully be my last lot of seeds - sugarsnap peas, a mixture of beans, half a dozen more tomatoes, Yates Golden Nugget Pumpkin, and sweetcorn (honey and pearl). The tomatoes I've sowed today are Jaune Flamme, Patio Choice Yellow, and Chef's Choice Orange. They're a bit late to the party, but we'll see how they go. 

I'd actually been really put off sowing these particular seeds. They're seeds that I had the year the dreaded psyllid destroyed all my tomatoes so I haven't wanted to plant them since. I know it's silly and in my head because the seeds are Kings Seeds. They're not from diseased plants. I really wanted a good orange tomato though so here we are. 

Today I also planted some of the Rocket seed potatoes. I've got one potato bag left, which I'll save for a few weeks when I'll plant a second round of Rocket potatoes. I sprinkled a handful of chopped up banana skins across the three bags. I've heard a couple of gardeners swear by this because of the added potassium. I probably should have made a tea with the banana skins instead. Maybe next time. The first potatoes I planted are looking healthy and have almost reached the top of the bag. I'm constantly topping the bags up now. 

Meanwhile, Luke picked a small handful of strawberries, chatted away about his ideas for his own gardens, and hid his toy lizards in the lavender. :) 

Pricking Out is a Prick of a Job