Sweetcorn, Beans, Peas, Miniature Pumpkin & Watermelon


Date:10 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm really pleased with how this raised veggie garden is doing. Over Labour Weekend I planted all my sweetcorn seedlings in here and they've really taken off over the past couple of weeks. 

At the front I direct sowed Yates Sugarsnap Peas. They're all popping up now. At the back I direct sowed a mix of climbing beans - Yates Purple King, Koanaga Emu Beans, and Kings Yard Long Runner (a fun one for Luke to grow with the super long beans). There's also a row of Kings Dwarf Colour Combo Beans. These have always done really well for us. There's a mix of green, yellow, and purple bean seeds so they add a good pop of colour. I'm all about as much colour in the garden as possible. 

In this garden I'm also growing a Yates Golden Nugget (miniature pumpkin) up the netting at the back. At the far end of the garden I've planted a watermelon, which I plan to run over the side of the garden and along the ground (soon to have mulch down). 

With a bit of help from my good old Dad I managed to get the climbing frame up in between showers this week. The good thing about it is that it will be easy to remove from the side of the raised garden and onto another bed as needed. Perfect for snow peas over the cooler months. 

I'm definitely pleased that I went with the larger 2.4 m x 1.2. m garden beds. Having that extra length means I can squeeze just a little bit more in. Now to get that brother of mine back to build the treehouse for Luke in the two large feijoa trees haha. It's basically dead space down the side of the house. There's the two massive feijoa trees and a large grapevine. Luke has no grass here, but a park and school only metres up the road so it's not too bad. I've also bought a handmade mud kitchen from a small family owned business for his big Christmas present. It even comes with a working tap so that will soon be a play feature in the garden too. That and hopefully a treehouse. The BBQ area should be done in time for Christmas. That's the goal anyway. 

The photo on the lefthand side was taken last night of the Three Sisters Garden. The photo on the right shows you what I started with a few months back - weedmat, bark, and a dream of growing as many edibles as possible on a 300 m2 urban section. As a single mum I've always told Luke he might not have the most flash toys or the biggest house, but he will always be surrounded with people who love him and I'll give him as many experiences as possible. One of those I've always been big on is the garden and teaching him to grow his own food. This week he's been running in and out to his salad patch to pick things. He's also been asking to help cook meals more often so that's a win for me.

I'm also loving having more time to blog and garden now that those damn school reports are out of the way haha. It's nice to have some down time at this time of year. 

Sweetcorn, Beans, Peas, Miniature Pumpkin & Watermelon