The ‘travelling lettuce’

Gardener:Southern Gardener

Date:08 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I grow extra lettuce in a pot near the kitchen, for fast and lazy lettuce needs. As we’ve recently moved to South Island, we often spend our weekends exploring the region. A few months ago, we started taking this lettuce pot with us in the back of the car and we are now hooked on fresh lettuce on the go.

Currently under development is the summer camping version of a kitchen lettuce pot. I’ve decided that we should use a light plastic pot instead (since we keep on taking it in a car when we travel). I am also planting some rocket, spring onion and herbs into it. So we are basically going to take a mini garden with us all around NZ during our Christmas and New Year holidays.

My partner suggested putting one of the tomato plants into it too, but I think that might just be a bit much. We’ve already got some strange looks from people as we munched on our car boot lettuce in one of the Doc carparks in Fiordland before going for a hike.

I’m still travelling and will post an actual ‘non car boot’ garden update in a few days. Has anyone else taken their garden with them? (Sorry to JamesMcc, as this must be a bit of a painful topic at the moment!)


Happy gardening!

The ‘travelling lettuce’