Today's Garden Harvest


Date:30 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is our first proper little garden harvest, apart from the strawberries that hardly ever make it inside. The only time those seem to make it as far as the kitchen is to pop on the top of a homemade ice cream sundae. This afternoon I picked a mix of spinach, silverbeet, lettuce, zucchini, patio snack cucumber and a few radishes. 

I can already see that within a couple more weeks the garden is going to be pumping out more produce that I'll keep up with using. We'll give some to family and normally I'd take some to school, but with it being school holidays I'm looking into other options e.g. community food stalls around town etc. 

We've had annoying showers on and off today; enough to be a pain, but not be of much use either. I managed to give the tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelon a feed of the Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed and Fish. The garden is definitely getting to a more manageable place now - feeding, weeding, and starting to harvest. 

Fresh salad from the garden for dinner tonight, while the rest is getting popped in the fridge for another day. 

Today's Garden Harvest