Welcome to our Garden

Gardener:In The Dillon's Garden

Date:07 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I love this season in our beautiful Garden!  Everything is growing, the days lighter and warmer!. This is my first blog post, so I'll quickly give an introduction!   BTW I'm so happy to be part of a blogging community of like-gardeners! This is going to be FUN

We're a family of 4 gardeners in Tawa, Wellington. Our two kiddos - 5yrs and 9yrs love helping (and sometimes not helping - but are outdoor kids!) and growing their own favourite flowers and veggies. My hubby does the muscle work when I decide I want a new garden bed, or a shrub/tree needs moving or a haircut, and I'm in the garden every day pottering. He takes direction well

It's a normal suburban garden in hilly Wellington.Part of our section is a bank backing onto native reserve, and we're slowly carving out the bank and planting and making it a green and wildflower playground for kids and the wildlife.  We added fruit trees in that space in Autumn!  We have raised veggie gardens, one glasshouse (my big purchase last summer!). I companion plant and love Calendula and Marigolds amongst our veggie gardens.

I love growing from seed. It's my obsession with gardening. I'm also focussed on seed saving this year - as much as I love buying seed - I think saving seed is a fun way to expand on what already grows well, for FREE

So, my favourite gardening moment at the moment is picking Baby Carrots (Tendersweet).  They are a big success in our garden. Grow so well, and always a nice size, and nice and orange.....and the Kids love to eat them - raw or cooked. This is our daily pickings. I succession plant weekly in one patch - and I mix Radishes with Carrot seed to naturally 'thin' the carrots

Welcome to our Garden