Zucchini, Patio Snack Cucumbers, and Gherkins


Date:20 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

All of a sudden the zucchini, cucumbers, and gherkins seem to have doubled in size. The zucchini plants are chocka with baby zucchini, especially the Zephyr zucchini. I'm not sure why, but these always seem to pump out more zucchini for me. 

I'm interested to see how they all grow using the mix of a large wire frame, the bamboo teepees, and growing normally in the garden. I think I'll have enough garden space for the zucchini to just do their thing so I haven't staked them at this point. I really need to make a call on that before their roots develop further though. 

The highlight of this week has been finally finding bales of pea straw. I went into Farm Source today and they had bales of barley straw, which I almost bought! Almost!! What puts me off lighter straw is that it blows all over my paths, which drives me nuts. After this year, I'll never use actual strawberry straw again for that reason. It was 5 mins to 5.00 pm, but I made a last attempt to find some pea straw by stopping in at a local fencing services shop - bingo! $24 a bale. I was quite surprised how heavy it was to be honest. 

Anyway, I came home with one bale and will see how far it goes. I was outside until it was almost dark. So far, I've managed to do the zucchini garden and half of the strawberry patch. It definitely works out a lot cheaper though. 

I'm still debating what to put down in between the gardens. I had thought pine chip, but I'm not 100% sold on the look of the small chips so have been looking at post peelings. If anyone has any suggestions here I'd love to hear them. That's down on the list for next fortnight. 

After reading Sarah's post I popped back to look at where my garden was a month ago. It's amazing how much things can change within a few weeks in the garden. I'll share some updated photos tomorrow once I've finished this pea straw mulch. 

Tomorrow there's a plant sale at the local Quarry Gardens. Wish me luck in not coming home with too many! Looking forward to trying Stacey's zucchini cake recipe soon too. It sounds delicious :) 

Zucchini, Patio Snack Cucumbers, and Gherkins