Mini challenge fairy garden

The Gardening Princesses is talking about growing Capsicum, Something else from Northland

Garden ready!

Mum says this is the end of the challenge.  My garden is looking good.  I am growing capsicum for mum, my plants are better than hers.  My luffa plant has little luffa on it.  They will be back scrubbers when they are big.  Taking food into the shower is a funny idea.  Our sunflowers are taller than me and some have flowers on.  My sister likes hiding under hers.

My fairy garden is full.  The fairies have to play under all the flowers.  The nasturtium ladder has grown and they can now climb up it.  My sweet peas havent flowered yet.  I love all the flowers.  I keep watering it when it doesnt rain.  Mum says she waters her garden to make it rain.  It rains after she waters it.

[From Mum:  Samara has done well with her garden, she is keen and enthusiatic to get her hands dirty.  She just isnt as keen to write about it!  I am considering trying the Gardening Brothers idea of square foot gardening with her next year so she can grow a bigger variety of vegetables, though less of each.  At the moment, her garden is part of the whole garden plan.  I’ll try and get her involved in this challenge again next year.]