More Tomatoes

Connor B is talking about growing Tomato from Northland

Garden in progress

My teacher wanted some tomatos. We didn’t have any seedlings leftt. So we planted her some more. We found her some more too. We found one in my garden and one in my nature garden and one in the flower bed. She new we grew tomatos because we have given her some two years ago. Mum said we had lots of cherry tomatoes one year because I planted o hole pack of them. We had given her some of them. She liked them and hoped we had more. I no whot they mite be. Teh one from the flower bed will be a cherry tomato because it is next to the bucket tomatos. The one in my garden could be a blak zebra or a yelllow cherry tomato. I think the other one might be a big one as it has the side bits you take off. 

By Connor