Kooky Cucumber

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Garden ready!

A garden blog challenge – what a great incentive to get out there and do it!

Harvested my first “gourmet” (ie tiny ones) potatoes today by default – replanted spots where potatoes planted didn’t grow and found that the parent potatoes managed to have a couple of offspring each before “passing away.” The potatoes were yummy, and we have surpassed last years potato harvest already (wasn’t hard to do as last year was a dismal failure :o) Did lots of weeding and hilling up, about quarter of the potatoes plants left to go – nearly there.

Harvested more zucchini, peas and radishes. Some of my garlic (ones that were transplanted) and my multiplying onions and shallots look like they need to be harvested, will probably do that tomorrow – then I will have room to plant out the peanuts… 

I have grown a strange looking cucumber plant (a Port Albert one) one of the stems is very wide, it looks like a fat green licorice strap (I don’t know if they still make them like that) and the flower head end is huge… (see photo)

Looking forward to spending more time in the garden – I no longer need to drive the car to my garden, but it takes me a long time to walk the 100 or so metres, my back is slowly getting better – I seem to be able to spend hours sitting on the ground weeding with no extra hurting – still being very careful….

Thank you Yates and all the bloggers too – very interesting to read about your gardens and the successes and failures too!