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Garden in progress

Anyone reading this post would think I had an acre of garden to maintain but alas no, it is just a small section one finds in subdivided areas with a house and 3 units. So it is a small area. 

Though a small area it does require some planning and maintenance to keep it functional and tidy. Thus there is alway weeding to be done. After months of neglect over winter a patch down on the lower boundary fence was in dire need of weeding as the grasses were huge and hidiing the BOYESENBERRY bushes that are actually flowering. A good 3 hours later I have a heap of grass weeds to get rid of but it does look so neat now.

I planted out 2 wee CUCUMBERS today and pulled a big BEETROOT albeit rather battled scared as the pic shows. TOMATOES planted out yesterday need a drink as looking a tad wilted but the other 3 are looking great. 

As for the CAULIFLOWER rice I had for dinner last night it was yum yum delicious served with spicy chicken nibbles so thought I am going to finely cut some CABBAGE, add some ONION and grated CARROT a little water and microwave that and top it with Spicy chicken wings left from last night cook up.

I had thought about planting out some SUNFLOWERS, an EGG PLANT and CHILLI but time has gotten away on me today. That can be done tomorrow.

A friend dropped in a bag of horse poop so that should help SUNFLOWER GINORMOUS ZILLA stretch out towards the 5 metre mark. We will see.

Another beautiful day in Te Awamutu

Happy Gardening from CarolJane – Waikato