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Garden ready!

Beautiful sunny warm day here in Te Awamutu today so I spent a little time spreading lawn clippings my lawn mowing lady left me through the CUCURBIT patch and between the LEMON and a FEIJOA tree. Certainly cuts down on the weeding. 

The FLANDERS POPPIES are dying off so I mounded up a pile of spent plants to be taken away next tea my garden / lawnmowing lady come in. Oh gosh it was snail city so I rounded up 60 of them and put them in a bucket for the pet shop lady to collect and feed to her lizards.  

By garden / lawn mowing lady, she does not touch my veg garden but looks after the shared drive way garden and a garden next to unit 2s garage that I took over but now find hard to maintain as have so much going on in my section. 

PUMPKINS, ZUCCHINI, SUNFLOWERS, CELERY, stray TOMATOES and NASTURIUM in the CUCURBIT patch are rally taking off now and received some mulching today. In the back corner MINT is spreading and the BORAGE is flowering and attracting BUMBLE BEES. Near there is the WILD FLOWER patch also sending out lots of pretty flowers. 

Sadly I did not get to stake the TOMATOES today but really need to get onto that job and trim out some laterals. They are flowering and fruiting up now. The PUKEKOHE LONG KEEPER  ONIONS are throwing up long shoots and seed pods.

Loads of BROADBEANS need harvesting too, as well as a couple of RED CABBAGE. I did gather up a PUMPKIN from the carport today as notice a soft spot in in so bought it inside and cut it in half, scooped out the seed to dry and cut out the small rotting patch. I will give that PUMPKIN to the neighbour. 

CAPSICUM await planting out too and some SWAN PLANTS.

Feeling rather stoked at my wee patch so took a couple of garden view pics. In one the big bushy plant on the left which is at the back of the carport wall is a ROSEMARY that had to be cut back recently as was getting a bit big for it boots. In another pic is a LEMON tree then 2 FEIJOA trees and all 3 are flowering. Then further on the STRAWBERRY bed producing lot of delicious morsels.

And of course there is a shot of the WILD FLOWER garden. 

I could rattle on some more about all the other plants but I think enough is enough for now.

Happy eating from your garden plot.

CarolJane – Waikato