Mystery Solved

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Last week I wrote about a vegetable that I was unsure of. Something new that I had never grown before. Well on Friday, after coming home from a busy day at work I was greeted with hubby cooking a roast dinner. So while I was out shifting bark, hubby was prepping the veggies. I suggested that we threw in the mystery veggie from the garden and I am so glad we did. It was really delicious.

Parsley Bartowich Long - Bartowich is a flat leafed parsley – the top has a stronger slightly bitter flavour but can be used as a garnish or as I have read – used more in soups etc and cooked as opposed to raw.  The root is around 15-25 cm long (I beg to differ here as when neglected and forgotten about they grow much bigger and not at all woody like parsnips can get) and has a nutty flavour (like a parsnip but much milder).  It can be roasted, sauteed, made into soup, or grated raw into salad. I liked the idea of something that I could use both the leaf and root of and the fact that I think I read that it was almost like a cross between a parsnip and a carrot. And I must say, after roasting them, we will definitely be planting them again. They were a bit milder in taste than the parsnip, but really really nice. The other bonus is that they were really easy to germinate – not always the case with parsnips. My only regret is that we didn’t plant even more. We have have had to pull them out – and have a few stored in the fridge but have also given one to my mum to try.