Tuakaus Little Stars ECC is talking about growing Tomato, Something else from Waikato

Garden in progress

What a busy few weeks we have had at our centre. We have been getting ready for our town’s Christmas Parade creating lots of fish and sharks for our Baby Shark float which won First Place in the preschool section. We sang and did the actions to the song all the way through the parade. It was lots of fun.

So we haven’t been in the garden a lot other than to check than everything is going on. We still have lots and lots of tomato seedlings to give away or plant our first count of 60 plants was a wee bit out it is now close to 100. We still have about twenty left and will plant lots more in our garden as soon as the broccoli has finished. 

The corn is growing very fast and has already grown bigger than our measuring stick. The children have been given a task “what can we use to measure the corn as it grows”? so far we have had “ask my dad” and “use our bodies”. Wonder what other ways we can find to measure. 

During November we were involved with the living eggs programme. On a Monday morning we received an incubator and 11 chicken eggs who were ready to hatch. On the Tuesday we were able to watch a chick break through the egg and begin its life. Over the next few days all but one of the eggs hatched. The chicks were then moved into a brooder where they were warm and safe, and we could watch as they grew fluffy and strong. On a warm day towards the end of the second week we took the chicks outside for a play in the vegetable gardens, they were very scared and hid behind one of the teachers. The next day they left us for their new homes. However, one of our teachers took a few to her home and brings them in to visit every now and again so we can see them grow.

Eventually we want to have them roam around the garden so the children can see a positive relationship between animals and our natural environments, how things can work together. We have even spoken on keeping the chickens we hatch next year and what that will look like in the continued redevelopment of our garden area.