All hail the humble shop bought popping corn AND Sarah The Gardener

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So I was watching this nifty little video that Sarah the Gardener had uploaded to Youtube and got very inspired to try something different.

She had taken ordinary shop bought popping corn and prepared it in such a way as to check that it would germinate without having to plant it and wait weeks. I thought I’d give it a go too and used some very, very old popcorn I had sitting on my shelf for at least two years. I wasn’t overly hopeful but just a few days later I have popcorn germinating – see my picture! I checked them last night and Hurrah they have shoots growing out of all of them.

It had never, ever, occurred to me that those dead looking kernels had life in them. It makes me think what other seeds that we buy for eating could actually grow something.

If anyone else is so inspired check out Sarah’s video at this link:


OR these are roughly the steps to take here:

  1. Get some popping corn.
  2. Fold a paper towel in half and wet it.
  3. Spread the popping corn over half the paper towel and fold it over again so the seeds are enclosed.
  4. Put it in a plastic bag into the hot water cupboard (bag open so it breathes a bit)
  5. Check periodically for signs of growth

Easy peasy


…Now I have to find room to plant some of them for real…


Happy gardening everyone