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Jack’s Autumn Gardening Tips

Find out what Jack is up to in his garden, and a list of seeds to sow in Autumn.
Plus, check out our Top 10 Outdoor School Holiday boredom busters!

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Autumn is Sweet Pea Season

It’s time to sow these gorgeous, fragrant favourites. Start them twining up a trellis or fence, and they’ll make a heavenly scent for you this Summer.

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Stuck on a gardening problem?

Live Chat with our horticulturists for a FREE diagnosis You can even send pics!


An Easy Spring Clean

Kill moss & lichen on paving, roofs and decks. No harsh surfactants means its safe to use on lawns too.

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Whiteflies - Small

Problem Solver

Search for a solution to a variety of common garden problems. Browse through images to identify your problem.


Garden Calendar

Yates gardening expert Angie Thomas provides monthly garden advice on what you should be doing at this time of year.


How To Grow

A selection of handy gardening articles, videos and projects to assist you in growing and managing your plants.

How to Videos

Need help? View our six new ‘how to’ videos to get great results in your garden


Yates Seeds

Growing plants from seed is easy. Browse our huge selection of vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

Parsnip Soup


A collection of fresh recipes that will be sure to inspire you to grow and make the most of your own garden produce.

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