Your Garden Videos

Your Garden Videos

Here are a range of helpful videos - showing you how to fertilise your plants, deal with weeds or garden pests and lots more...


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How to Propagate Plants, by Layering

‘Layering’ is a type of plant propagation where new stems remain attached to the parent plant, while they develop their own roots. Here's how to do it and get free plants!

Get an early start for your heat-lover vegies

A challenge with growing heat-loving vegies is getting started early enough to give them a long enough growing season. In cooler areas it can be a nail-biting race against winter when you’re waiting for your harvest, so get ahead of the game!

Winter Spray Program for Fruit Trees

Winter is an important time to care for fruit trees; while the branches are bare and trees dormant it’s your best opportunity to tackle lurking fungal diseases and insect pests.

Grow A Butterfly Garden

Here's our quick guide to NZ butterflies, plus how to look after them. Read on for tips on how to grow swan plants, for the full Monarch experience!

Types of Roses

Learn about all the different types of roses and how you can get the best out of them in your garden.

Hybrids: a Balanced View

Hybrid seeds offer a lot of benefits, but aren't well understood. We’d like to briefly explain what hybrids are, demystify them a little and offer a balanced view on their benefits.