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Welcome to the ultimate online lawn care guide, offering expert advice for all regions of New Zealand and all grass varieties.

From general mowing and fertilising tips, to comprehensive lawn care videos - Yates Lawn Experts can help you achieve your perfect New Zealand lawn.


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Lawn Weed Control

Yates lawn weed control products are ‘selective’ - in other words they have been developed to target and kill certain weeds, but not the grass on your lawn! Weeds controlled include prickles, moss, onehunga weed, hydrocotyle, broadleaf weeds, clover and more. Take a look at the entire range and options.

Lawn Fertilisers

Yates lawn fertilisers are complete fertilisers that contain a bend of all the nutrients important for lawns – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Check out the range including a natural lawn food option.

Lawn Seeds

Yates premium lawn seed range contains seed that has an Active-Gro protective coating that helps protect against fungal disease and bird theft. Seed will germinate within 7 days. Look at the range of options to choose a lawn seed best for your back (or front) yard.

Lawn Pests

Check out our fast acting insecticide for use on home garden lawns.