Effectively control weeds and feed your lawn at the same time

Effectively control weeds and feed your lawn at the same time

Weed ‘n’ Feed is an easy and effective way to have a great looking green lawn without weeds. The popular hose-on format NOW has an easy-to-use on/off switch on the bottle, just connect to a hose and start spraying.

Why use Weed n Feed?

To effectively control weeds whilst at the same time adding essential nitrogen and iron nutrients to your lawn, promoting lush green growth. 

Killing the weeds can leave gaps in your lawn, so fertilising at the same time helps the grass grow more quickly to fill in the gaps.  Yates Weed n Feed hose on is specifically developed with a spray pattern suitable for New Zealand lawns – and tackles troublesome New Zealand lawn weeds such as Onehunga (prickle) weed, capeweed, clovers, dandelion, docks, plantain, thistles and more. 

The Yates Weed n Feed range has a range of formats to suit different lawn locations and problems.  The granular format is perfect for areas where the hose can’t reach or you’re worried about over-spraying damaging plants around the edge of your lawn.  The concentrate format is ideal for smaller lawn areas or lawn berms, and can be applied via a watering can or sprayer.  Whereas the Weed n Feed Mosskiller format has been developed to quickly and effectively kill moss but also feed the lawn to encourage strong grass growth which helps prevent moss re-growth.