The toughest orchids are the cymbidiums but, though they’re relatively hardy, they respond particulary well to some extra care. Here are some handy tips for growing wonderful cymbidiums.

After cymbidium orchids have finished flowering it’s the best time to tidy them up and prepare them for their new growing season.

Take a good look at the orchid and see if the clump is crowded enough to need dividing. Sometimes this decision is easy: the clump of bulbs is so full that it’s literally bursting out of the pot. Or, there are so many dead bulbs in the pot that the plant will obviously benefit from their removal and from being given the chance to make a fresh start in new orchid mix.

How to re-pot an orchid

After Christmas, to encourage flowering, use Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Plant Food fortnightly. Remember, though, that after orchids have been divided, it can take two or three years for them to reach flowering stage again.

Orchid problems

Make sure the orchid plant gets plenty of morning sun during autumn and early winter.


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